Coaching with a focus on results.

Our team of experienced executive coaches provide one-on-one coaching, leveraging proven methodologies and assessment tools, to enhance individual ability. Our proven process, customized to business goals and the individual client, can transform an individual's style, help a team develop synergy and support leadership development in top performers.

Our customizable approach follows a five-phase process:

  • Acquire context – Our work with an individual is done in an organizational context, so we triangulate the coach/client/organization relationship. We combine qualitative and quantitative techniques with available performance evaluation data to inform goal setting and action.
  • Build awareness – We work with leaders to build awareness of strengths, over-strengths and gaps, in relation to business and leadership needs.
  • Create a plan – We develop a plan to leverage strengths, manage over-strengths, and close gaps. Measures of success are identified at this time.
  • Drive growth – The plan is put into action with the support of one-on-one coaching sessions. Regular meetings generate momentum that results in rapid behaviour change or goal accomplishment.
  • Evaluate impact – Together, we evaluate impact and assess where change has occurred. We measure coaching effectiveness in terms relevant to the client and the organization, monitoring progress against pre-established benchmarks.

Contact one of our consultants to discuss how we can customize our coaching solutions to your needs.

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Tony Case
Tony Case , BA, MSc, PhD
Senior Associate
Michelle Fitzgerald
Michelle Fitzgerald , ABC, ACC
Senior Associate
Heather Peters
Heather Peters , MER, PCC, IPMA-ACP
Senior Associate
Joanne Brown
Joanne Brown , BA, BComm, CPHR, CLC
Senior Associate
Catherine J. Woodman
Catherine J. Woodman , APR, ICD.D
Senior Associate
Katherine Risley
Katherine Risley , BBA, FEC (Hon.)
Managing Partner