Career Transition and Outplacement Support for Individuals

Navigate the personal impact of job loss and realize your career goals.

Career transitions create uncertainty that can feel daunting. The impact on your personal, financial, and professional life can be challenging.

Career transition services, also known as outplacement, can help you create an actionable plan to achieve your future career goals.

What is outplacement?
Outplacement is a career transition service provided to exiting employees that supports their transition to another career opportunity or retirement. This service is usually paid for by your past employer as a part of your termination agreement. Our career transition programs typically include:

  • Career counselling
  • Resume development
  • LinkedIn profile consultation. 

Why would a former employer pay for this service?
Most employers care what happens to employees they can no longer retain. They want exiting employees to do well in the future and they know our assistance helps.

Why do I need a career transition firm to help with my career search?
Outplacement and career transition services can support you in achieving your career goals by helping you:

  • Identify your individual strengths and potential through the support of a career coach. 
  • Gain insight into current market trends that could impact your opportunities and employer expectations.
  • Develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed through coaching and training.
  • Make positive first impressions by providing you with advice on your LinkedIn profile, resume and interview skills.

Why would I choose KBRS?
We prepare people for opportunities that align with their goals by using best-in-class consulting, assessment, and technology.

Here are a few reasons to take advantage of our services:

  • Experienced consultants who have helped hundreds of people realize their career goals.
  • Consideration for job opportunities. Our recruitment practice is the largest in Atlantic Canada, placing hundreds of professionals each year.
  • Confidential counselling conversations built on trust.
  • Tailored programs based on your needs and goals.
  • Effective job search strategies and tools for current market trends.
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Not sure where to start?
We can provide you guidance.
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