Frequently Asked Questions by People in Career Transition

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People leave their jobs for many reasons and, regardless of why, they all share a few things in common. Individuals in career transition face uncertainty and challenging circumstances that impact their personal, financial, and professional life. These challenges hold true whether you are a CEO and or an entry level employee. Here are a few of the questions we often hear from clients in transition. 

Outplacement is a career transition service provided to exiting employees that supports their transition to another career opportunity or into retirement. This service is usually paid for by your past employer as a part of your termination agreement. Our career transition programs typically include:  

  • Career counselling 
  • Resume development 
  • LinkedIn profile consultation
  • Advice and training to help you put an effective job search strategy into action with confidence.

Most employers care what happens to employees they can no longer retain. They want exiting employees to do well in the future and they know our assistance helps. 

Outplacement and career transition services can support you in achieving your career goals by helping you:  

  • Identify your individual strengths and potential through career coaching. 
  • Gain insight into current market trends that could impact your opportunities and employer expectations. 
  • Develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed through coaching and training. 
  • Make positive first impressions by providing you with advice on your LinkedIn profile, resume and interview skills. 

We prepare people for opportunities that align with their goals by leveraging out experienced consultants.

Here are a few reasons to take advantage of our services: 

  • Experienced consultants who have helped hundreds of people realize their career goals. 
  • Consideration for job opportunities. Our recruitment practice is the largest in Atlantic Canada, placing hundreds of professionals each year.  
  • Confidential counseling conversations built on trust. 
  • Tailored programs based on your needs and goals. 
  • Effective job search strategies and tools for current market trends.

Absolutely. We have built our reputation by forging strong relationships based on trust. 

Yes. Our services can be delivered entirely virtually.  

Yes, for two reasons. First, many people have resumes but few have great resumes. A great resume stands out from the crowd by bringing to life your skills and accomplishments. Secondly, a resume is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to launching an effective job search. At KBRS, we help you develop an effective plan to achieve your career goals. 

Yes. KBRS consultants have worked with clients in a wide variety of sectors. The skills, coaching, and advice we provide are valid regardless of field and profession. We will take the time to understand your unique situation and work with you to craft a job search strategy that suits your needs. 

Yes.  Entrepreneurial exploration is a part of our career transition services. We will work with you to define your interests and assess your suitability for independent business ventures such as starting or purchasing a business, consulting or even franchising. 

Yes. Through a series of assessments and conversations we will help you review your career path and guide you through the process of developing clear career objectives. 

Yes. KBRS offers support with retirement planning. We will help you make the best choice regarding your future career, retirement or a combination of the two based on an evaluation of your interests and values and long-term goals. 

At KBRS, we understand that you may need a bit of time before plunging into your job search. We invite you to discuss your situation with your consultant and decide on a start date that is best for you. 

You may want or need to search for a new job down the line. Should you decide to take advantage of the career transition services you are offered, you will acquire skills that will help you achieve your career goals in the future.

Each career search has its own unique challenges influenced by economic, labour market and personal realties. The information, contacts, and support you will receive from an outplacement or career transition consultant will have a positive and lasting impact on your current search. 

Recruiters select applicant profiles that correspond to a specific position request from a company. Conversely, an outplacement or career transition professional’s aim is to support a person in building a professional position that corresponds to their career aspirations and market realities, and to facilitate their integration into a new job.

Some organizations will include outplacement or career transition services as part of an individual’s leaving package. They will either arrange it directly for the individual or allow the individual to spend the allocated money with the outplacement or career transition provider of their choice.