Board Advisory Services

The strength and effectiveness of a board significantly impacts the success of an organization. KBRS offers a variety of support services to help attract diverse board members, train and develop both board members and leaders, and advise on matters of governance and strategic planning.  

Strategic Governance Support 

Strategic council: Our experienced consultants provide governance advisory support to CEOs, chairs, boards, and committees on key topics, from board renewal to CEO evaluation. 

Board succession planning: We help you develop a plan to assess future board leadership requirements, then design a strategy to meet those needs, considering priorities, timing, and sequencing. We also assist with the development of tools such as role descriptions or mentoring approaches. 

Recruitment support: Drawing on our deep expertise in recruitment, we develop advertisements and support the placement of ads through our platforms and networks as well as on relevant career sites and platforms. We leverage our networks to attract diverse candidate pools. Our team can provide candidate care to interested individuals and support screening, recommendations, and preparation for interviews. 

Strategic Planning 

Clarify your vision for the future and the actions required to achieve those goals. Our team will work with you to design a strategic planning session, provide onsite facilitation, and support documentation.  

Board Governance Training and Professional Development Workshops 

Create a common understanding of roles and responsibilities. Provide focused leadership training on specific topics or work with our team to co-create a professional development road map customized to your board’s needs, covering such topics as:  

  • Principles of good governance

  • Bicameral governance

  • Board's role on strategy, people, and finance, and the distinction between board and management responsibilities

  • Confidentiality and speaking with one voice

  • Duty of care

  • By-laws

  • Role of chair as conductor

  • In-camera sessions - purpose and importance

  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion at board table

  • Emerging recruitment practices

  • Committee structure and purpose

  • Board evaluation practices 

Connect with our team to explore how we can support your board and leadership needs.  

Board Governance
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