Talent and Leadership Development Programs

Build leadership capabilities for future success.

Develop a pipeline of leaders for the future. Create alignment around your organization’s strategy for faster, more effective execution. Enable your team to lead successfully through change.

What sets our programs apart?

Our approach is distinguished by our ability to:

  • Connect leadership development to strategy. 
  • Combine business acumen with the courageous conversations needed to surface the undiscussed issues, drive change, and sustain growth.
  • Impact leadership effectiveness at multiple levels with programs tailored to the needs of individuals, teams, and the organization.
  • Address leadership mindset and skill set ensuring lasting behaviour and culture change.

Program Options to Support Your Needs

Our many development programs can be customized to your organization’s needs. They are often modular and can be delivered in-person or virtually, over an extended or a short-term time period.

We cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • Building resilience and agility
  • Building psychologically safety
  • Driving innovation
  • Leading with compassion and empathy
  • Coaching for performance
  • Engaging diverse teams
  • Developing a growth mindset
  • Igniting trust
  • Boosting creativity
  • Evolving culture
  • Empowering teams
  • Authenticity and storytelling

Program modules can be delivered separately or grouped based on needs.

Contact us to learn more about some our most popular programs outlined below or to discuss how we can design a program especially for your needs.

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Explore Our Featured Programs

Elevating Women In Leadership
Through this award-winning program designed for women, participants gain insight into their performance, perceived potential and develop a comprehensive leadership plan along with the mindset to achieve it. We combine world-class leadership development strategies with contemporary gender diversity research to ensure participants acquire the skills needed for success in the context of female leadership.

Employers can host internal offerings customized to your organizational values and business imperatives.

Delivered in eight modules, 2.5 hours each.

Ideal for established and emerging female leaders.

Next public offering:
January 25, February 1, 8 & 15, 2022
The Accountable Manager
Our management fundamentals training program equips frontline managers with the mindset, skillset, and deliberate practices needed to lead in an ever-changing environment. This ground-breaking program is organized around three building blocks to drive accountability at the personal, team, and organizational level, delivered over a 4- to 6-month learning journey.

Delivered in nine modules, 2.5 hours each.

Ideal for new managers and manager-level individuals who want to master the fundamental skills of effective leadership.
Coaching for Results
This award-winning program provides managers of people with practical skills to increase the quality and success of conversations with their teams, colleagues, and senior leaders. Together we tackle the three critical elements to master the coaching conversation – the mindset of a great coach, the fundamental skills to leverage, and an effective process that creates accountability.

Delivered in four modules, 2.5-3 hours each.

Ideal for managers and leaders of people at all levels and individuals who provide coaching to project team members, peers, or others.
Leading Other Leaders
This development program is designed for leaders of leaders. It equips participants with the skills and mindset needed to be accountable for executing the strategy of the organization and teaches strategies to help inspire accountability within teams.

Delivered in nine modules, 2.5 hours each.

Ideal for mid- to senior-level leaders of people.

Critical Conversations
This workshop supports leaders in tackling tough conversations candidly. Using a specific set of strategies and tools, participants practice communicating clearly and openly using examples of the most common difficult conversations that leaders face.

Delivered in two modules, 2.5 hours each.

Ideal for mid- to senior-level leaders of people.

Contact our team to learn more.
Communicate with Impact
This unique program is ideal for professionals and leaders who want to improve their presentation skills and deliver compelling messages with confidence. By recognizing and avoiding common communication barriers, practicing clear and concise communication, and learning to better organize, structure and contextualize key messages, participants elevate their communication skills.
Delivered in four modules, 2.5-3 hours each.

Ideal for mid- to senior-level leaders of people, professionals who present in front of stakeholder audiences, and Individuals who lack confidence in their presentation skills.
Accelerate Change
Optimize team performance and productivity and build resilience with a series of talent development programs created. We provide two learning journeys, one for leaders and the other for employees. Each learning pathway is broken down into three parts: Assess your Readiness, Develop your Capacity, and Maximize your Contribution.

Delivered in five modules, 2.5-3 hours each.

Ideal for frontline team members and mid- to senior-level leaders of people.
Building Personal Resilience for Employees
This program focuses on understanding how people respond to change and why resilience is critical in today’s world of work. Participants explore their own personal resilience and learn to develop action plans to build resilience in their teams.

Delivered in a 2-hour module.

Ideal for mid- to senior-level leaders of people.
Resilience for Leaders
In this program, leaders explore personal resilience and learn strategies to help employees remain effective and focused within work environments that are characterized by constant change and uncertainty.

Delivered in a 2.5-hour module.

Ideal for mid- to senior-level leaders of people.
Fostering Innovation
This highly engaging and practical workshop takes the mystery out of innovation and offers practical ideas that every leader and every team can aspire to. This workshop applies concrete ways to create an innovative culture and hardwire practices that get better results.

Delivered in two, 3-hour modules.

Ideal for mid- to senior-level leaders of people.
Vital Teams & Team Effectiveness
By addressing the two fundamental priorities of alignment and team dynamics, we help teams develop a clear set of agreements on how they aspire to operate. Teams then focus on identifying and understanding the current team dynamics that enable or inhibit their ability to behave as the high performing team that they have defined. Assessments further generate insights into working styles and their implications for team performance.

Delivered in four, 2.5-3-hour modules.

Ideal for teams accountable for shared goals,
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