Increase Team Performance and Productivity.

Teams accomplish most of the important work in organizations today. But teams are made up of people, with different personalities, motivations and expectations. These differences can result in:

  • Lack of alignment with organizational priorities
  • Inefficiency and wasted effort
  • Poor communication and low trust

Refocus team efforts to create alignment and get the job done.

Most team improvement programs focus on ‘feel good’ activities. Their effects are short-lived because they do not connect with the business issues the teams face.

We focus teams on business outcomes and on creating alignment and the right dynamics to get the job done. Our systemic approach creates sustainable change and will:

  • Align efforts with organizational priorities – We’ll clarify each team’s role and focus its efforts on your most critical priorities.
  • Build understanding and trust – We’ll use targeted assessments and data gathering to drive conversations that produce insights, understanding and trust. You will see a dramatic increase in how effectively team members work together.
  • Create productive conflict – Conflict is natural and vital to team success. Healthy conflict drives innovation and strategic thinking and mitigates risk. We’ll help your teams get stronger, and then increase the amount of healthy tension to drive results.
  • Tackle dysfunction proactively – We’ll help you identify and develop strategies for common team dysfunctions. When these situations arise, you and your teams will have the tools to act and correct them.
  • Enhance team leader success – We’ll provide objective and candid feedback to your team leaders, along with coaching on the most effective strategies for improving their teams’ success.

Powerful programs for new and existing teams.

Ensure new teams develop healthy habits aligned with your culture, values and priorities. Get existing teams back on track and producing the results you need.

We offer customized team effectiveness programs to address your team’s unique situation and create a plan for lasting results.

Program features can be adjusted in scale and scope, but often include the following:

  • Team and/or individual assessments
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Skills training (link to Knightsbridge Learning)
  • Capacity development, including program facilitation training
  • Team and/or individual coaching
  • Tools and support materials.

Leading High Performance TeamsTM

Most team leaders are given training on how to manage individuals and expected to figure it out from there. The mindset, skillset, and practices associated with leading a high performance team are distinct and sometimes counter-intuitive. This in-depth course helps leaders move beyond the basics of team effectiveness to address the nuances of strong alignment and a powerful team dynamic – what ultimately leads to breakthrough results.

Participants learn about the importance and value of tensions within and across teams and are given the processes and skills to manage those tensions constructively. The result is more diversity of thought, higher team member engagement, and ultimately better business outcomes.

Who Will Benefit:

• Appropriate for mid to senior level leaders

Delivery Format:

• 1-day instructor led classroom 

For more information on this program or any of Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette's Leadership Development program, please contact:

Angela Mitton,
Client Service Coordinator,
Human Resource Consulting


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