Coaching for Results

Equipping leaders to have coaching conversations that drive results.

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Coaching has become a key leadership skill. Today’s leaders need to demonstrate empathy and promote accountability. Developing coaching skills is an opportunity for leaders to grow professionally while helping their teams achieve a greater capacity to perform. 

Coaching for Results™ is a two-time award-winning program designed for managers at all levels to increase the quality and success of conversations with their teams, colleagues, and senior leaders. The program has been taught to thousands of leaders around the world, helping to increase confidence and capability in having engaging conversations that get results.   

No other coaching program in the market tackles the three critical elements for mastering the coaching conversation all in one place - the mindset of a great coach, the fundamental skills to leverage, and an effective process that creates accountability.  

Participants will learn:  

  • The link between an organization’s strategic priorities and coaching as a critical competency  
  • A mindset that focuses coaching on moving individuals, teams and organizations forward  
  • Fundamental coaching skills, including:  
  • Asking discovery and probing questions  
  • Listening at multiple levels  
  • Giving effective feedback  
  • Creating accountability  
  • Acknowledging progress  
  • A practical 5-step framework that will increase the effectiveness of coaching conversations by: 
  • Observing real-life examples of high-impact coaching  
  • Applying the framework to a real-life coaching scenario  

Who will benefit:   

  • Leaders at all levels  
  • Individuals who provide coaching to project teams  


This program includes:  

  • Four 2.5-hour interactive and collaborative modules delivered virtually  
  • Three one-on-one coaching sessions per participant with a professional, certified coach  
  • Complete resource workbook that includes quick access tools and coaching guides  
  • A self-assessment based on the mindset, skillset, and deliberate coaching process 
  • Coaching Practice Labs 

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Michelle Fitzgerald
Your Facilitators

Michelle Fitzgerald

Strategic, engaging and insightful, Michelle has built a solid reputation in organizational performance, coaching and leadership development. She brings a unique perspective from years of operational and consulting experience with organizations undergoing transformational change. 

Catherine J. Woodman

Catherine J. Woodman

Catherine is a well-respected leader with a track record of achieving results by building teams, creating and communicating vision, forging strategic partnerships, and meeting critical challenges through transformational change. She knows the challenges facing leaders and brings her own experiences forward in a safe, supportive forum. 

Heather Peters

Heather Peters

An energetic and engaging facilitator, solutions-driven consultant, and insightful leadership coach, Heather has helped hundreds of leaders and professionals engage teams and maximize performance in Canada and beyond. 

Coaching for Results was developed by our partners at LHH, Canada’s leading human capital company, internationally recognized as one of the world's best leadership providers. Coaching for Results™ is recognized by the International Coaching Federation for credits toward coach certification. 

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