Reimagining the Academic Leader Search Process

Academic leadership roles are complex and consuming. Candidate pools have shrunk. Search processes are challenging. But these shortcomings have created an opportunity to reimagine how post-secondary institutions approach their search for academic leaders.  

With input from our clients, candidates, academic advisors, and our team of leadership development and coaching experts, KBRS has reimagined how we support our academic executive search clients in the post-secondary sector.  

Our Reimagining the Academic Leader Search Process series

We present both The Case for Change, as well as themes we believe are foundationally important to a successful academic search strategy, beginning with:  

Our team has provided strategic talent advice to universities and colleges for more than 40 years. We have successfully completed more than 150 searches for academic leaders across Canada in the past 5 years. We are committed to working with our clients to further improve the academic leadership search process ingrained in today’s institutions but recognize that change takes time and collaboration.

We believe our efforts will be strengthened by the contribution of diverse perspectives, including yours.

We want to learn more about your experiences.

What challenges are you facing? What successes have you had? What insights have you gained? We want to learn more about your experiences with the search process and to discuss ways to improve the approach.

Connect with our Academic Search Partners for an informal conversation on this topic by emailing us at – we welcome the discussion.  

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