Successful career transitions benefit employers and employees alike.

Seamless career transitions can positively impact an organization's brand and help prevent any disruption in momentum, morale, and reputation while saving time and money.

Standout service.

Employees in transition remember the professionalism, passion, and respect KBRS consultants provide. 

What sets our outplacement and career transition services apart?

  • Proven expertise, established through over 40 years of providing outplacement and career transition support for individual employment terminations and large scale downsizing.
  • Unlimited time commitment, as our support continues until our clients have transitioned into the ideal opportunity.
  • Personalized, customized service for every level and adapted resources to meet a variety of client needs, preferences, and budgets.
  • Exemplary transition team. Our team of senior consultants and certified coaches are prepared for any challenge as a result of rigorous standards and extensive hands-on experience.
  • Innovative online tools, including Career Resource Network (CRN). Available to all of our clients, CRN is a revolutionary cloud-based career development and career transition platform that brings unparalleled agility and focus to the job search process.
  • Priority consideration for job opportunities. Our recruitment practice is the largest in Atlantic Canada, placing hundreds of professionals each year, and we ensure that outplacement and career transition clients are considered for relevant opportunities.
  • Worldwide service as part of LHH Knightsbridge, a global leader in outplacement and career transition with 29 offices across Canada and over 300 offices around the world.

The result: We help people choose their best roles faster. As a result, employers benefit from the improved morale among employees who leave and those who stay, as well as reduced severance costs.

Downsizing and transition support for organizations

In group downsizing situations, good transition planning and process begins well in advance of the announcement. We work closely with senior management to plan major restructuring initiatives. Our diverse experience stretches to companies of all sizes in public and private sectors.

  • Consulting – We begin before restructuring takes place by partnering to define your strategy and goals, your structure, your performance challenges and then developing a plan to address your concerns.
  • Project planning – We work with you to create the project plan, transition programs, and any communications you need.
  • Manager training – We coach managers on how to deliver a message that leaves dignity intact.
  • On-site support – We meet with departing employees immediately after the termination meeting to talk about next steps. Our team is skilled in providing an objective voice and an empathetic ear at a time that is often emotional and distressing for those involved.
  • Transition solutions – services offered to support your objectives:
    • Change management for remaining employees
    • Organizational restructuring and revitalization consulting
    • Key talent retention programs
  • Large downsizing career centre services
    • Design, set-up, logistics planning, staffing support
    • Workshops and individual on-site coaching
    • Career development and networking support
    • Administrative services
  • Programs for groups and individuals created from a suite of services:
    • Individual coaching complemented by workshops, webinars, e-learning
    • Team building programs following restructuring
    •  “Leading through Change” workshops to help supervisors and managers maintain productivity
    • Assessment of competencies, skills, and interests
    • Resume development
    • Career plan development
    • Career search skills
    • Opportunity sourcing
    • Marketing, networking and researching support
    • Financial counseling
    • Entrepreneurship counseling
    • Private office facilities
    • Retirement planning

Transition options tailored to individual needs.

We offer a variety of programs to enable individuals to assess their skills and strengths and identify development opportunities.

  • Executive – Tailored, high-touch service designed specifically for the needs of senior leaders.
  • Professional – Delivered through a blend of 1:1 coaching, workshops and technology-enabled support, including a customized program. 
  • Job Search Essential Premium Programs – Virtual programs to help non-executive employees accelerate their job search, combined with in-person workshops.
  • Retirement – Uniquely designed to offer senior leaders and their organizations a way to preserve business momentum as well as plan for succession. Programs include coaching as well as financial, lifestyle, and career counselling.


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