Dr. William Wei
Featured Appointment

Dr. William (Xiaojun) Wei, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Algoma University

Algoma University

KBRS is pleased to have assisted Algoma University in the appointment of Dr. William Wei as Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics, commencing on October 24, 2022.

The following is an excerpt from their recent announcement issued October 10, 2022.

Dr. Wei received an MBA in International Management and an MA in World Heritage Studies from the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Brandenburg University of Technology in 2002. After receiving his PhD from the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick in 2006 on EU-Asia Economic Relations, he then became a postdoctoral fellow at the Ivey Business School of Western Ontario for one year and an Instructor for four years.

Subsequently, he was hired as an Assistant Professor in 2011 at MacEwan University School of Business, and was promoted to Professor in 2017. While at MacEwan, Dr. Wei served as Associate Dean (Research and International) for five years and more recently as Department Chair since 2021. He also served on the board for four international and two provincial organizations, and as President of the Edmonton chapter of the Hong Kong – Canada Business Association.

Dr. Wei has taught a wide range of courses in international business, finance, intercultural communication and international studies. He developed and taught field seminars, established experiential learning opportunities for students, and developed a network of international collaborations. Dr. Wei’s research focuses on Foreign Direct Investments, emerging markets, emerging market multinational and business case studies. His research success is impressive – he published 153 peer-reviewed journal articles, books, book chapters, conference papers, presentations and business cases; received 35 internal and external research grants; co-organized 31 international business conferences, workshops and competitions; and supervised 18 undergraduate student projects and 12 PhD and Visiting Scholars.

At MacEwan University, Dr. Wei also developed a Research Centre that included a Business Undergraduate Research Participation Pool, and an Indigenous Research Forum, which was a cooperation between the Kihêw Waciston Indigenous Centre in the School of Business at MacEwan University and the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. He also initiated a case publishing agreement with Ivey Publishing, the only partnership world-wide between an undergraduate business school and Ivey. Some of the game-changing contributions to the School of Business include the establishment of a Canada Research Chair in Social Entrepreneurship for disadvantaged and marginalized communities and the Alberta Innovates funding for Venture Lab.

Dr. Wei states, “My international experience in higher education, dedication to student learning and scholarship, and commitment to truth, healing and reconciliation are hallmarks of my personal character and professional aspirations.” He has established strong international and Indigenous relationships, has led fundraising events, and is passionate about his research and the success of students and colleagues.