Micheal Twiss
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Dr. Michael Twiss named Dean of the Faculty of Science, Algoma University

Algoma University

KBRS is pleased to have assisted Algoma University in the appointment of Dr. Michael Twiss as Dean, Faculty of Science, commencing on November 1, 2022.

The following is an excerpt from their recent announcement issued October 26, 2022.

Dr. Twiss brings more than 20 years of academic experience to the University. He joined Clarkson University in 2002 and he was appointed Department Chair in 2020. Dr. Twiss received his BSc from Trent University, an MSc from the University of Toronto, and after receiving his PhD from Université du Québec in 1996, he held a postdoctoral fellowship at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. His current research focuses on winter limnology and the development of novel approaches to year-round remote sensing of water quality. He has published fieldwork on every Laurentian Great Lake and the Saint Lawrence River. He has brought in over $2M in external funding and has published over 100 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters and conference proceedings, he has given 53 presentations, and he has supervised 17 graduate and 66 undergraduate students.

His professional service includes participation on Great Lakes science advisory boards (US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), International Joint Commission) and leadership as President of the International Association for Great Lakes Research, where his professional expertise and that of colleagues have helped ensure the protection of these crucial waters. His collaborations include the regional Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) community more specifically with the Kaswentha, and he works to ensure that data sovereignty is respected and decolonization is addressed. He expanded the River Environment and Sensor Observation Network (REASON) project into the Mohawk nation of Akwesasne, which not only increased the power of the observatory but the technology transfer, sharing of funds and data, increased the capacity of the Akwesasronon for mutual benefit.

Dr. Twiss has taught a large number of courses focused on microbiology, limnology, botany, and water protection. More significantly he has developed many experiential learning programs for students. For example, the Great Lakes Limnology practicum took place over an intensive 8-day research expedition across Lake Ontario where students learned about pelagic microbial ecology and water birds with nightly seminars onboard the US EPA research vessel Lake Guardian. He also developed an experiential learning program for students with the renowned Trudeau Institute for Infectious Disease Research. Another course, Great Lakes Water Protection, integrates broad topics in geology, limnology, economics, and fine art in order for students to appreciate the ecological and social importance of the Great Lakes region.

Dr. Twiss states, “My time at Clarkson University, a technologically strong university, has provided me with many teaching, experiential learning, research and administrative experiences that I am looking forward to sharing with Algoma as it continues its steady rise as a university. As Clarkson begins to acknowledge its position in the North Country of New York on the traditional territory of the Kaniekehaka (Mohawk), a connection to Algoma University and its Special Mission will be welcomed. I am honoured to begin that connection.” Dr. Twiss has developed a diversity of partnerships, is an advocate for underrepresented groups, and is passionate about the success of students and colleagues.