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Canada's women's soccer team has made significant strides in recent years and continues to be a source of pride for the country. That pride is about to grow as Canada is launching its first-ever Premier League for women.

With the Canadian women’s soccer team being ranked top 10 in the world, the time has come for Canada to have a national women’s soccer league and Halifax is at the forefront of a revolutionary chapter in sports. In the heart of the vibrant city of Halifax, a new era in sports is about to begin as the city is unveiling its very own professional women’s soccer team! The Atlantic Women’s Football Club (AWFC) is building a team in Halifax that will compete in a newly created Canadian professional women’s soccer league. This league is the only professional women’s sports league in the country and will be playing at the highest levels of soccer.

The Atlantic Women’s Football Club (AWFC) is a sporting and entertainment company that will be a prominent club known for its excellence both on and off the field. AWFC has a commitment to their athletes’ experience and community engagement and is building a team in Halifax that will compete in the newly formed national league, which is the only tier-one women’s soccer league in Canada. AWFC is looking for its Inaugural President. The President has the unique opportunity to play a lead role in spearheading this first-ever tier 1 Canadian Women’s soccer league.

Reporting to the Owners and the Board of Directors, the President is responsible for:

  • Developing and articulating a clear vision and strategic direction for the company and soccer team, by setting ambitious goals and objectives for performance, growth and brand development.
  • Working closely with and supporting the Chief Business Officer to be accountable for all operational aspects of the AWFC including budgeting, finance, accounting, sponsorships, human resources, facilities, marketing, ticketing & fan experience.
  • Working closely with and supporting the Sporting Director, coaches and sporting support staff to optimize player recruitment, development and performance while ensuring compliance with league regulations and financial sustainability.
  • Identifying and pursuing new revenue opportunities, partnerships and investment opportunities to drive growth and financial success for the company and soccer team and will be the primary spokesperson for the team, representing it to the media, sponsors, fans and other stakeholders.
  • Overseeing brand development and marketing initiatives to enhance the team’s visibility, engage and grow fans and build loyalty both locally and globally through events, experiences and online/digital platforms.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, maintaining strong corporate governance practices, foster a culture of transparency, integrity and accountability.
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships with key stakeholders including; other team owners, league officials, sponsors, partners, community leaders, employees and fans to advance the company’s objectives and enhance its reputation.

Ideal Candidate Profile

As the ideal candidate you have an extensive progressive leadership experience along with a track record of demonstrated success in fostering positive relationships and partnerships with a wide group of stakeholders. You bring operational experience from a customer focused industry where you have been able to demonstrate your ability to create positive experience for those who interact with your brand. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and couple this with experience leading, motivating and empowering teams to achieve ambitious goals. Involvement with a sporting or entertainment organization would be considered an asset, and a passion for soccer is welcome.

As a strategic thinker, you are able to anticipate market trends, identify opportunities and develop innovative solutions to drive growth and success. A highly relational and experienced leader with strong business and financial acumen, you possess a keen understanding and insight into how businesses operate and thrive, and you are excited to grow a company and to enable it to make a mark on this world. You possess a high degree of resiliency and perseverance, maintaining unwavering determination in overcoming challenges. You are open to taking on challenges as they are presented to you, identifying solutions and acting quickly and decisively. You are an exceptional communicator and possess adept interpersonal skills, enabling you to create meaningful and impactful connections with others.

How to Apply

If you are interested in pursuing this exciting opportunity, please apply online at For more information or to ask any questions, please contact Daniella Sam at, Katherine Risley at, or Erin MacDonald at

Diversity and Accessibility Statement

The AWFC is committed to being an organization where diversity and different perspectives are valued. It strives to be an organization that is inclusive, supportive, and reflective of the athletes, communities, and fans it serves and represents and encourages applications from all qualified individuals.

KBRS will provide support in its recruitment processes to applicants with disabilities, including accommodation that considers an applicant’s accessibility needs. If you require accommodation to participate as a candidate in the recruitment process, please contact or communicate your needs to our team.