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Northwood is the largest not-for-profit continuing care entity in Atlantic Canada and proud to be a place of “firsts.” When life changes, and society changes, Northwood leads the way, incorporating revolutionary designed, responsive care. From new ideas to new technologies, Northwood is empowered to lead; because the focus is on people, not on profit margins.

Serving over 6,500 people Northwood has distinguished itself for over 55 years as Nova Scotia’s dynamic continuing care organization committed to innovation and change. The organization is recognized both at home and across Canada as an extraordinary example of the power of social justice, which we like to call the power of love!

Northwood is seeking the next President and Chief Executive Officer to play the lead role in spearheading this beloved and growing organization ensuring the continued excellent provision of people and family centered quality care.

Reporting to the Board of Governors, the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for:

  • Providing expert guidance and analysis to drive long-term quality service and program opportunities both within and external to the organization.
  • Interpreting and effectively championing the vision, values, and mission throughout the organization.
  • Leading the implementation of corporate ends and monitoring organizational success in achieving outcomes while ensuring compliance with policy.
  • Provide guidance and advice to the Board of Governors, aiding in the fulfillment of governance and oversight functions.
  • Maintaining inter/intra governmental relations to enhance the organization’s sustainability and accountability framework.
  • Collaborating with Government to influence strategies and solutions needed to respond to current and future challenges and opportunities.
  • Working collaboratively with Foundation staff to advance fundraising initiatives and fulfill the Foundation Committee/Board's mandate.
  • Acting as the chief spokesperson for the organization(s) to the public and media.
  • Engaging in advocacy efforts to represent the organization's interests externally, keeping stakeholders informed on pertinent issues within the healthcare delivery system's mandate.
  • Liaising with integrated healthcare systems and educational institutions to support system sustainability and maintain relevant linkages.
  • Championing Northwood's interests within the healthcare industry, advocating for innovation and best practices.
  • Cultivating relationships with community members, healthcare leaders, education partners, politicians, and government officials to promote collaboration and support organizational objectives.

Ideal Candidate Profile

You are a dynamic and ethical leader who embodies a commitment to excellence in all aspects of organizational management and during this unique time of change and unprecedented infrastructure renewal. You demonstrate a strong understanding and adherence to legal requirements, professional ethics, and industry standards while aligning your actions with the vision, mission and core values of Northwood. You have extensive progressive leadership experience along with a track record of demonstrated strategic planning and you excel in identifying and cultivating talent within the management team. With your strategic implementation skills, you deftly translate strategic priorities into actionable plans to achieve Northwood’s goals efficiently and effectively.

With your financial acumen, you possess an ability to operate a business substantially dependent on government funding while identifying revenue generation and cost optimization, ensuring the fiscal health of Northwood remains strong. You have exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal and effortlessly engage and collaborate with a diverse range of individuals including the Board, staff, volunteers, clients and families.

How to Apply

If you are interested in pursuing this exciting opportunity, please apply online at For more information or to ask any questions, please contact Daniella Sam at, Catherine J. Woodman at or Erin MacDonald at

Diversity and Accessibility Statement

Northwood is a vibrant community that includes everyone who is touched by our service; employees, volunteers, residents, tenants and clients. As an organization, we believe all people deserve to be treated with dignity, honesty and respect.

An expression of our belief is Northwood’s commitment to equity and diversity in areas of employment, service and human interaction. Northwood recognizes that every individual brings unique capabilities, personal beliefs, individual aspirations and their own life experiences to the organization. Northwood commits to working with everyone in our community to create an environment which is based on inclusiveness.

KBRS will provide support in its recruitment processes to applicants with disabilities, including accommodation that considers an applicant’s accessibility needs. If you require accommodation to participate as a candidate in the recruitment process, please contact or communicate your needs to our team.