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Finding out you didn’t get the job when you had every qualification listed on the job description and you thought you aced the interview can be baffling and incredibly frustrating. No matter how strongly you feel, the way you react could make or break your chances of getting the offer in the future. Here are three things to keep in mind after getting that call:

Don’t take it personally

Having all of the qualifications only gets you past the first stage. After that, there can be all kinds of variables that are beyond your control. Sometimes, during the search, other qualifications emerge  as being important in the role. Or, no matter how well you did in an interview, someone else with the same qualifications may have just ‘clicked’ with the employer.  The point is, there could be any number of reasons you didn’t get this job that were out of your control – so don’t take it personally.

Take it as an opportunity to learn

If you get the chance to ask for feedback – take it. There could have been something you did during the interview that you could learn from for the next one. You may unknowingly have spoken too quickly or looked to the floor during the interview. Getting objective feedback gives you the opportunity to make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice. Even if it was a competitive process and there isn’t something specific you could do differently, it shows the employer or recruiter that you are interested in self-improvement and can take constructive criticism.

End things on a positive note

Whether or not you agree with the decision or the feedback this is not the time to argue and most likely, you're not speaking with the person who made the final decision. Taking a defensive approach is not going to reverse the outcome. However, accepting the news graciously and leaving things on a positive note is going to significantly increase your chances of hearing from the employer or recruiter about the next great opportunity.

Andrea Forbes-Hurley
Andrea Forbes-Hurley , MBA, CPHR
Managing Partner
Andrea’s enthusiasm for engaging with potential candidates, and for providing high quality client service, have made her a valued member of the KBRS executive search team. With a high-energy personality and a passion for recruitment, she has been instrumental in completing over 200 executive search assignments.