Leadership in Academia: Building Leadership Capacity

Universities are complex organizations that require specific leadership capabilities. But while each university is very different from the next, there is one commonality in academic institutions from St. John’s to Victoria - the increasing struggle to fill leadership roles. The demands placed on academic administrative leaders have increased significantly as they are asked to do more with less. From a pure numbers perspective, the number of qualified candidates with the experience needed for these roles has declined over the past few years.

Righting the Right-Size

The last few years have been tough for many Canadian organizations. Falling revenues and shrinking profits forced leaders to make difficult decisions about how best to reduce costs, boost productivity and ensure sustainability over the long term. In Canada and around the world, layoffs have been an unfortunate but necessary strategy to remain competitive.

Are You Ready for the C-Suite?

If you have set your career sights on ascending to the highest levels of any organization, rest assured the competition is stiff and the demands are high. For one, there are far more professionals competing for C-suite roles than opportunities available. And organizations are willing to look far and wide to attract leaders who have the skills, experience and style to drive strategy and success. 

Retirement: why the rush?

The question “Where do you want to be 10 years from now?” often gives those nearing retirement pause as they consider their options. We tend to think that, once we make this determination, the rest of our lives are settled. Yet, your retirement can span 20-30 years – perhaps even longer – which means you should continue to ask yourself this important question long after you leave the workforce.

40 Years of Dramatic Change, Workforce Realities Still Challenge Employers

In 1975, the world was emerging from a devastating oil embargo and stock market crash. Everyone wanted to do The Hustle, but no one wanted to go near the water, thanks to Jaws. The minimum wage in Atlantic Canada had just gone up to over $2.00 an hour and the RCMP had recently hired its first female member. Employers posted ads, received typed resumes via regular mail, did the interviews, made the decisions and held all the power in the process. The employees they hired were typically male and predominately white, and they could dismiss those employees virtually in the blink of an eye.

Fit to be hired: Finding the right leader

The following article previously appeared in the St. John's Board of Trade, Business News, August / September 2015 issue.

The search has begun for a new leader. Your team wants someone with presence and profile, someone charismatic who is widely revered, and maybe someone who knows their way around a golf course. The wish list is likely long, but is it the best list to ensure “the right fit” for your organization?

When Hiring Decisions Feel More Like a Game of Chance

If you ask any HR Professional they’ll agree, recruitment and selection can be a time consuming process. Even if you are lucky enough to experience a flood of qualified candidates, you ultimately need to choose a single individual to best fill a role; a challenging task when you consider that studies suggest approximately 40% of leaders will fail within the first 18 months, at a substantial cost to productivity, moral, reputation – and the cost to do it all over again.