Five tips to start the succession planning discussion

Imagine if, overnight, your CEO left the organization, how would your organization ensure continued success going forward? What about the other critical roles on your team, how would you manage with the loss of their experience and knowledge? It’s a frightening thought for most business leaders which is why organizations are taking a more proactive approach to succession planning.

Women Helping Women: A Call to Action for Leaders

This article was previously featured in The Chronicle Herald.

At the 2006 Celebrating Inspiration luncheon with the WNBA's All-Decade Team, Madeleine Albright said “There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." I heard this as a call to action, one that has played over and over in my head as I have had the privilege over the years of mentoring, coaching, advising and talking with women leaders. I believe there are at least two reasons that Albright’s call to women to help other women is still relevant almost a decade later:

The Diversity & Race Discussion: Simple?

A colleague recently asked me, “Is it just me, or is everyone talking about diversity?” Interesting question and I guess it depends on who you ask. People have been talking about diversity for decades: the lack of it, the need for it, and the problems with it. I think my colleague is hearing an old conversation that has gone mainstream, perhaps even “viral”, and is gaining speed in our workplaces and communities.

A Recruiter’s Perspective on Our Immigration Challenge

Immigration has been talked about a lot lately. It has been cited as a vital ingredient to long-term prosperity in Atlantic Canada in the face of our aging population and shrinking workforce. According to the Ivany Report, Nova Scotia is projected to have 100,000 fewer working age people by 2036 than we did in 2010. That’s nearly a 20% decline in our labour pool. Clearly, a successful immigration program is no longer “nice-to-have”, it’s a must.

Confident Communication and the Gender Divide

The Chairman finished speaking and sat down, arms crossed. He’d put forward an impassioned argument for the merger; a great deal, negotiated over many months, a capstone of his career. 

Sam stood slowly, hands planted firmly on the boardroom table, looked the Chairman squarely in the eyes and said “I am opposed. This deal tears the company apart, will lead to massive lay-offs and will ruin the brand and reputation we have built over the past 50 years.”

Is Sam wearing pants or a skirt?

The Millennial Myth: Is the Issue of Multigenerational Workforces Overblown?

For years, employers have been hearing that three generations in the workplace is a recipe for disaster. We’ve been told they all have different requirements and approaches to work, particularly Gen Y, otherwise known as Millennials. And woe to those organizations that are unable or unwilling to understand and address those needs.

Navigating the Journey After Job Loss

Maybe you saw it coming, or perhaps it came as a complete surprise – either way, losing your job is tough. For many, it can be a pivotal moment in the trajectory of their life. Will you choose to change your career path or seek a similar role to the one you are leaving? How will you avoid compromising your career goals in the face of financial concerns and the inclination to get back to work quickly?

Reviewing the Performance Review: Observations from over 90 HR Professionals

On October 21st, 2014, HRANB held a professional development session in Moncton, where I had the pleasure to be the guest speaker. The topic was Performance Reviews. After a brief introduction and a few observations from the podium on the current state of performance reviews, we decided to try a unique initiative. Given that we had over 90 human resource professionals in the room, I wanted to have a discussion focused on the best and the worst aspects of performance review systems and processes.