The University For The Future: Evolutions, Revolutions and Transformations

Fuelled by uncertain funding models, rigid workforce systems and changing student demands, Australian tertiary education sector is exploring how to remain relevant in an increasingly differentiated and global education market. This sector is currently undergoing major structural reformations and trying to balance a variety of stakeholder interests, and needs to make fundamental choices to ensure its sustainability.

Fortifying Resilience

Every April I’m awestruck by those tough little daffodils appearing amid snow and slush. Seemingly fragile they break through the harsh, cold winter earth and emerge with yellow smiles and spirited vibrancy. What comes to mind is resilience. Resilience – ability to quickly recover and maintain positive functioning despite stress and change.

Resilience is tenacity, fortitude and agility. Thoughtful parents strive to instill these characteristics in our children knowing they’ll be needed during inevitable harsh, cold life challenges.

Leadership in Academia: Shifting the Curve on Leadership

The academic sector is vital to the social, cultural and economic life of our Canadian communities. As such, the leadership of our universities and colleges directly affects the ability of our institutions to contribute to the social and economic development of our region. But with the shift toward faculty votes of non-confidence in the institution’s leaders, truncated presidential terms and shrinking candidate pools, it's time to reconsider how we view leadership and succession in our universities and to talk about how we shift the curve.

Leadership in Academia: Building Leadership Capacity

Universities are complex organizations that require specific leadership capabilities. But while each university is very different from the next, there is one commonality in academic institutions from St. John’s to Victoria - the increasing struggle to fill leadership roles. The demands placed on academic administrative leaders have increased significantly as they are asked to do more with less. From a pure numbers perspective, the number of qualified candidates with the experience needed for these roles has declined over the past few years.

Righting the Right-Size

The last few years have been tough for many Canadian organizations. Falling revenues and shrinking profits forced leaders to make difficult decisions about how best to reduce costs, boost productivity and ensure sustainability over the long term. In Canada and around the world, layoffs have been an unfortunate but necessary strategy to remain competitive.

Are You Ready for the C-Suite?

If you have set your career sights on ascending to the highest levels of any organization, rest assured the competition is stiff and the demands are high. For one, there are far more professionals competing for C-suite roles than opportunities available. And organizations are willing to look far and wide to attract leaders who have the skills, experience and style to drive strategy and success. 

Retirement: why the rush?

The question “Where do you want to be 10 years from now?” often gives those nearing retirement pause as they consider their options. We tend to think that, once we make this determination, the rest of our lives are settled. Yet, your retirement can span 20-30 years – perhaps even longer – which means you should continue to ask yourself this important question long after you leave the workforce.