Each day at KBRS and Meridia, we are reminded of the abundance of outstanding women who – through their leadership, contributions, and accomplishments –strengthen communities and organizations at every level.  

We also recognize that, despite the great strides that have been made toward greater gender balance there is still much further to go. 

We are committed to embracing practices that encourage greater diversity and to challenging processes and biases that have historically disadvantaged underrepresented groups. We choose to challenge ourselves to work towards progress and we are inspired by others who do the same. 

The disruption resulting from COVID-19 has disproportionally affected women. These effects have had an inordinate impact on Black, Indigenous and racialized women and gender-diverse people, people living with disabilities and newcomers, exacerbating pre-existing economic and health disparities. Long existent structural inequities, cultural attitudes, stereotypes and bias have all contributed to the uneven playing field women must navigate. 

This international women’s day, in honour of all those who choose to challenge the systems, practices, and perspectives that contribute to inequity, we have made a donation to the YWCA to support their work in building economic security, promoting wellness and creating opportunities for women, girls, Two-Spirit, gender diverse people and their families. 

Learn more about the work of the YWCA.