Reimagining the Academic Leader Search Process

Academic leadership roles are complex and consuming. Candidate pools have shrunk. Search processes are challenging. But these shortcomings have created an opportunity to reimagine how post-secondary institutions approach their search for academic leaders.  

With input from our clients, candidates, Academic Advisory Council, and our team of leadership development and coaching experts, KBRS has reimagined how we support our academic executive search clients in the post-secondary sector.  

Atlantic Leader Insights: Cynthia Dorrington Discusses Her Vision for Greater Diversity

As the Board Chair, Cynthia Dorrington is pursuing a vision for greater diversity in both the Chamber’s membership and in its board members. Drawing on her extensive experience as a business leader, human resource professional, and the Chair of the Black Business Initiative’s Board of Directors, Dorrington sees opportunities for dynamic change in Atlantic Canada’s demographics and economic growth.

Atlantic Leader Insights: Carrie Cussons Discusses Inspiring Teams to Perform at a Higher Level

As the President and CEO of Events East, Carrie Cussons leads her team in connecting Nova Scotia to the world by creating memorable event experiences. In this interview, Cussons shares her vision for the new convention centre as an economic engine and reveals how it has inspired her team to perform at a higher level. She also shares her view on the role of small business investment in the future growth of our economy.

Surrounded by Inspiration for Change: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Each day at KBRS we are reminded of the abundance of outstanding women leaders – the tremendous possibility of their potential as well as the testaments of their accomplishments.

We are surrounded by inspiration – thanks to our clients, our colleagues, our advisors and the many leaders in our networks  – from emerging young leaders eager to make their mark to the accomplished leaders who generously offer wise advice.

Atlantic Leader Insights: Stephen Lund discusses Cannabis, Cybersecurity, and Planning for the Future

As the CEO of the crown corporation charged with bringing new investment and employment to New Brunswick, Lund brings more than 30 years of experience in banking, venture capital, business development, and international finance to the role. He speaks to the importance of being proactive in economic development, why ONB has targeted cannabis and cybersecurity as priority growth industries­­, and why Atlantic Canadians need to prepare our workforce for the jobs that will be available 20 years from now.

Atlantic Leader Insights: Laura Lee Langley Discusses Diversity and Why Leaders Need to Be Learners

Laura Lee Langley is the Deputy Minister of the Office of the Premier, Deputy Minister of Treasury and Policy Board, Clerk of the Executive Council, Head of the Public Service, Chief Executive Officer of Communications Nova Scotia, and Public Service Commissioner. Reflecting on her extensive public service and media experience, Langley shares her perspectives on the importance of workforce diversity, why she is so passionate about advancing the issue, and why leaders need to be learners if they truly want to make progress in creating inclusive workplaces.

Is this job a good fit for my career?

“Fit” is a small word but a big question. How well you “fit” in an organization may be the single biggest determinant of your career success. You could have all the skills and experience required for a role, but if your approach and personality don’t align with workplace culture and company values you may find the path ahead to be a bumpy one. Fit needs to be assessed equally by employer and employee. So, when faced with a new career opportunity, how do you go about determining fit?

Atlantic Leader Insights: Lydia Bugden Discusses Leadership, Technology, and Winning the War for Talent

Lydia Bugden is CEO and Managing Partner of Stewart McKelvey, one of the largest law firms in Canada, with more than 200 lawyers and six locations across the Atlantic region. Having taken a unique path to her current role through placements with the TDL Group Ltd. and the forerunner to Enbridge Gas Distribution, Bugden reflects on the value of forging your own path to leadership, how technology has impacted workflow and client delivery in the professional services sector and why Atlantic Canada’s cities are well placed to win the war for talent.