Year End Review: Don’t Dread it. Embrace it!

Leaders often see the end of the calendar year as a time of planning and fiscal review. This comes naturally to most leaders. However, what does not, or is often not welcomed, is the most dreaded component of the talent cycle – annual performance reviews.  It harbours fear in some of the most seasoned leaders, offering relief only when it is ‘finally over.’  On occasion, I have met leaders who have embraced and mastered the talent management agenda.

The Corporate F Word... Feedback

Leaders often preach the importance of constructive feedback but do we practice it? Corporate communications, job descriptions, engagement surveys, and even corporate values all point to the significance of feedback and yet we rarely provide it and when we do, it is often not done well. We even go so far as to let someone go so we don’t have to give them honest, constructive feedback. So what makes it so hard? In countless sessions I have given on feedback the overriding concern remains the same – “I don’t want to hurt them.” Sadly, not giving feedback will hurt them even more.

Calling All Leaders

Viewpoint by Mark Surrette, President, Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette

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At a time when accessing global markets is so crucial to the competitiveness of Atlantic Canadian businesses, the world’s most advanced economies are experiencing a level of social and economic instability unprecedented in recent years. And the ripple effect of these unstable times – on consumer confidence, investors, trading partners and customers, touches all of us, both directly and indirectly.

Layoffs Threaten our Next Generation of Leaders

Viewpoint by Jeff Forbes, Vice President

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In recent months, we’ve seen several Atlantic Canadian companies announce layoffs. Though they happen with some frequency, these particular layoffs raised eyebrows. It wasn’t just the timing, coming in the wake of reports we have finally emerged from a prolonged recession. It’s more the unprecedented nature of the layoffs that drew attention.

Keeping the Focus: Leading to Maintain Engagement in Uncertain Times

Viewpoint by Anna Stuart, Vice President

Recent conversations with clients and colleagues – and the seemingly endless media litany of layoffs, closures, cost cutting – take me back to the early 1990s, which many of us recall from a perspective quite different from our current one. In that recession, many of today’s corporate and public sector leaders were employees, or perhaps frontline or middle managers. It is probable that their experience in that time has shaped the philosophy and values they bring to their current leadership roles.