Structuring Severance for a Terminated Employee

When dealing with severance for an employee leaving your organization there are a number of issues to consider.

The first and foremost is consulting with your legal counsel  to make certain you know what is fair and required by law. Once you have determined how much you are offering then you have to consider how to structure the severance package. I have seen a wide range of severance structures while working with individuals who are provided career transition services, however they tend to fall into one of two main categories, lump sum or salary continuance.

Shifting perspectives: Compensation levels of charity and not-for-profit sector leaders

Steve Rennie’s Canadian Press article on the compensation levels of charity and not-for-profit sector leaders made the front page of The Halifax Chronicle Herald on Monday, July 11th – ‘Charity work you can bank on’. Now, I am as conservative as the next Nova Scotian about the ways in which the public’s money should and shouldn’t be used but this article got me thinking about how society views this sector and those that choose to work in it.