How can your organization be truly innovative? It starts with who you hire

The research is compelling – studies by MIT, Forbes, ICD, the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey show that organizations and corporate boards with more diverse employee compositions outperform other organizations. These studies have helped to make the case for change across many board rooms and senior leadership tables, but truly innovative organizations also look to diversify because they recognize that it allows for new thinking, better insights, and increased capacity for problem-solving. 

When it comes down to it the case is simple: it’s about attracting and retaining the best talent from the broadest possible talent pool. 

How can we help you get where you need to be?

We understand diversity in its broadest sense — incorporating differences in experiential, social, and cultural backgrounds, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, talents, beliefs, capabilities, age, and ways of living. We know through our experience with hundreds of clients that the only way to truly create change is to make a visible and sustained commitment to building a more diverse workforce. The most impactful place to begin this work is by critically evaluating the way you recruit, assess, and select your future leaders. 

KBRS’s executive search practice can help your organization navigate this process. We can ensure you find a new leader who is well-qualified and comes to the table with fresh perspectives and new thinking and that you do so in a way that is equitable, inclusive, competitive, and in keeping with your organizations’ goals and mandates. 

Leadership in diversity, equity, and inclusion – our insights, your organization

Our success in this area is defined by our attention to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout the search process — from the composition of the search committee, to the development of the candidate profile, to the placement of advertising, through to the evaluation and selection of candidates. 

Our success is measured by our record of experience with organizations across the region and the country — over the last five years, 45% of our placed candidates in leadership roles have been women or visible minorities. 

Whether you’re seeking a new Board member or a Director of Finance or looking for ways to improve engagement and strengthen your leadership pipeline, we can help you develop a strategy for success.  

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