For over 40 years, we have watched the Atlantic Canadian workforce grow.  We have followed career paths, supporting countless professionals as they make important career transitions.  Along the way, we have built relationships that span entire careers; new opportunities, industry changes, personal and professional growth and/or relocation.  Our relationship with our candidate network is based on trust and respect.  We know their values, morals and strengths and, as a result, we have a better understanding of the candidate pool.

The KBRS Candidate Care program was designed to empower our candidates by providing clear and consistent communication in each and every interaction with our team.  Built on a foundation of transparency, the KBRS Candidate Care program sets communication expectations from first contact through to final hiring decisions. Candidates continually feel valued and engaged while knowing we are looking to match them with the right position. As a result we continue to forge strong candidate relationships and have built a network that gives our clients access to the very best talent in the market.

Here are a few recent reactions from our candidates:

“The decision to apply and relocate to another province at this stage of my career was significant for both myself and my family.  The least disruptive part of the entire process was working with KBRS. They were professional throughout and provided me with the critical information on a timely basis to ensure it would be the best match for both parties.”

"Thank you for your cordial letter.  Not many organizations take the time, or thoughtfulness, to compose and send a letter to an applicant who has not been accepted to a position."

"While it is always disappointing to receive a rejection notice, I really appreciate the phone call! Most places wouldn't even send an email, let alone a call. It was a pleasure working with you on this and I really hope we cross paths again!"

"I just got your letter and Starbucks gift card in the mail and it just made my day and week! That is so sweet of you, thank you so much for everything and for reaching out to me, it's all thanks to you. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you as well. You have made it such an easy transition." 

"You’ve been so helpful throughout this process, you’ve really kept me informed about the process and that’s not usually the case with these things. It’s been a really pleasant experience.”