As a Client Services Coordinator, Nicole guides Career Transition clients through the outplacement journey by connecting them with the resources and support they need to successfully navigate through career path options.  

Prior to joining KBRS, Nicole worked as a Client Services Coordinator with a private tutoring organization, where she was the first point of contact for parents looking for resources to support their children’s learning journey. Nicole’s compassionate nature drives her to explore clients’ strengths and create programs and resources tailored to an individual’s specific needs. Her excellent interpersonal and skills derive from her experience working as a customer service supervisor for five years.  

Nicole is a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, NS. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and majored in Strategic Human Resource Management.  

In her free time, Nicole enjoys cooking and making memories with her nieces and nephews. She is a mental health advocate and gives back to her community through volunteering with organizations like Jack.Org and Special Olympics.  

Nicole Burd
Client Services Coordinator