Amorell Saunders N'Daw

KBRS is pleased to announce that Partner, Amorell Saunders N’Daw has been named its Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Lead. In addition to leading academic searches in Central Canada, Amorell will provide counsel and advice to support inclusive recruitment approaches and talent acquisition strategies that respect EDI principles. 

With a growing number of clients seeking guidance to increase organizational diversity, Amorell will support colleagues in developing strategies that respond to the need for inclusive and equitable recruitment practices. She will also consult directly with clients who seek guidance on EDI related matters. 

Amorell has a 27-year track record of advancing the goals of academic, government, and private institutions through her strategic counsel and leadership on issues of governance, diversity and inclusion, and corporate communications.  

While a senior administrator for Canada’s largest university for more than a decade, Amorell served on hiring committees across multiple departments, providing advice to ensure inclusive and diverse recruitment processes. She was instrumental in setting up the equity and diversity function of the Scarborough Campus at the University of Toronto, was the Liaison for equity-related initiatives and issues, and served as Senior Advisor, Equity and Diversity. She developed and offered training to faculty, staff, and students and was a founding member of the University’s first-ever affinity group for racialized administrative staff. For her efforts to promote a diverse, supportive, and inclusive environment at the University, Amorell was recognized with multiple awards acknowledging her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

A trained journalist who speaks English and French, Amorell completed her Master of Education degree at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, with a focus on adult education and community development.