KBRS has launched its new Student Advisory Service.  Designed for grade 9, 10, 11, 12 and post-secondary students and their parents, the service provides advice, insight and coaching to support academic success and effective academic and career exploration.  The four-module program is delivered by experienced and highly qualified educators and advisors.  Each module is designed to address a specific formative time in a student’s academic life.  

Module A - Student Personality and Interest Inventory: For students between Term 2 of Grade 9 and Term 2 of Grade 10.  It includes discussions about interests and possible paths with specific focus on preparing for the future and setting student priorities for their high school career.

Module B - Post-Secondary Planning for Students and Parents: For students in Grade 11, Term 1.    Here students will develop a plan for course selection, studying and supplementary tutoring/coaching with a focus on reaching academic goals related to successful university application.

Module C – Post-Secondary Application and Scholarship Guidance: For students in the second term of Grade 11.  Students will be supported by a coach on their applications for up to 4 Canadian universities or colleges.  The program will help to clarify the application process and give students and parents the tools to help select the right institution and program.

Module D – Parent and Student Coaching: For students in Grade 12, it offers additional support for students and parents as they navigate the myriad of questions associated with high school and post-secondary success. Coaching is also offered at any time throughout the university years ahead.

KBRS Senior Consultant, Robert Marchand, BA, Bed, Med, MBA will be leading this initiative.