In conversation with Kevin Stoddart, Vice President

Lee Bragg, son of John Bragg, was appointed CEO of EastLink in 1999. In the decade since, he has successfully led the integration of 12 cable companies, resulting in an innovative telecommunications provider serving communities across Canada. As the company prepares to add wireless offerings to its customer base, he sees no shortage of exhilarating challenges ahead for him, his team and the next generation of Braggs.

The leader of a family business should have a sense of responsibility to the business and the employees that supersedes his or her personal goals and objectives. If your success keeps pace with the success of the business, that’s fine, but the business comes first.

When you acquire a business, you need to consider three things. Does it have strong management? Does it have growth potential? And is there a sustainable strategic advantage? In other words, what is the edge the business offers you, and what can you bring to it? If someone else has better finances, or can provide better management, they should own it.

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Interviewed by Kevin Stoddart, vice president, KBRS – Atlantic Canada’s leading recruitment and human resource consulting firm. Leader’s Insight conversations are published in each issue of Atlantic Business Magazine.

Kevin Stoddart , MBA, CMC
Managing Partner