Career Coaching Conversations

Organizational models today are shifting from hierarchical to flat. Careers are no longer an upward trajectory, but more likely to be a series of experiences, projects and development opportunities. But, a lack of awareness around the new flat organization dynamics is resulting in a perceived lack of opportunities for career movement within companies, and frustration among employees and leaders.

This research was conducted in partnership with the Human Capital Institute and Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions, in an effort to better understand the impact this shift has on organizations, managers and employees. In the fall of 2013 a survey was distributed to HCI members and practitioners, and responses from more than 300 organizations worldwide were collected and analyzed. The majority of respondents (70 percent) work in an HR function, and 71 percent hold a manager-level position or higher. The research explores the presence and practice of Career Management in organizations today while examining the specific barriers facing these initiatives. It demonstrates that in companies in which accountability for careers is shared among three stakeholders—the employees who owns their career, the leader/manager who supports it, and the organization that enables it—revenue growth is stronger and levels of employee engagement are higher than in organizations without this accountability.

Knightsbridge and the HCI also partnered on a webcast based on the Talk With Me! research study. Click here to access the free webcast:

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