Person on top of mountain

Last year, I worked for six months with a client who diagnosed himself with “imposter syndrome”.

He had a number of skill sets, appeared to have a pretty high I.Q., his E.Q. appeared to be way above average and he had a good job that paid well.

But he hankered for something more, and different from what he was doing, career wise. However, he simply didn’t believe that he was “good enough” to pursue any of them. So we began to help him figure out how to get in touch with his personal power. He was “stuck” and couldn’t even imagine himself moving out of his current career. As we took stock of his interests, they numbered over a dozen.

I mean, more than 12 sectors or areas of work that he was potentially interested in pursuing.

He initially sought out the services of a career coach in the hopes that I would point him in one of those 12 directions.  Wasn’t going to happen.  The coaching I do, doesn’t point people in a direction.  Rather, my job is to help shine some light in order for him to find his own choices…. Get in touch with his own personal power… allow an exploration and reflection in a safe and trusting environment with no judgment.

Through story telling (his), imagining a desired future state, becoming more aware of how it feels physically and emotionally to step into that confident place, his attitude towards what might be possible began to shift - ever so slightly- but that’s all it took.

He finished his initial six-months of coaching with me, and had not yet switched careers.  We agreed to end the coaching because he felt he had progressed in leaps and bounds attitudinally, even though he hadn’t yet made the actual career leap.

But two months after we ended our coaching, he emailed me to say that he had put into practice some of the learnings from the coaching.  And he had come across an opportunity that was at the top of his “wish list” and he’d jumped and landed.  He was writing to thank me for helping him find that place.  A place where he was able to see an opportunity and grab it in the moment.

I couldn’t be happier for him.