Transformation or cultural change calls on the energy, focus and commitment of everyone in the organization. It’s less a matter of managing change than it is a matter of leading.

Leading Change
When faced with change, we tend to do a good job hiring project managers and setting up teams to run change projects. And in this context, change management is important. But on its own, change management is limiting because the change starts when the ‘project’ is adopted by the organization. Too often this coincides with when project teams wrap up and change managers walk out the door. At its most critical point, no one is left to help lead the change.

I’m excited about a series of workshops offered by KBRS because I believe they offer insights and practical tools that put organizations and their people in the driver’s seat, shifting the focus from managing change to leading it.

These workshop themes are:

  • Developing Personal Resilience and Resilience for Managers
  • Change Solutions for Managers and Change Solutions for Employees
  • Coaching for Results

Creating Cultural Change
Creating a cultural shift or transforming the way work happens within an organization is a significant undertaking. It takes a surprising amount of energy and persistence to overcome organizational inertia.

Picture a fully loaded cargo ship cruising ahead at full speed. It takes miles of ocean and an enormous amount of force for it to suddenly alter its course. It takes a similar amount of energy and fortitude for people to change their habits, beliefs and commitment to the way they’re used to doing things. Navigating change successfully requires the energy and focus of leaders and the entire organization.

Coaching for Results
Ideally, senior leaders should be coached at the onset of the change process so they can effectively lead change and role model the new way of working. If they don’t change, the culture will never change. This is a case where there’s value in engaging an external coach or consultant.

But that’s not what Coaching for Results™ is about. This two-time, award winning program teaches leaders and managers to coach. It provides managers at all levels with practical skills that increase the quality and success of conversations with their teams, colleagues and senior leaders. Coaching fosters better working relationships, strengthens teams, and drives change and performance.

Remember - performance follows what we pay attention to. In other words, we get what we coach to. When you think of it, what happens on the field applies to what should happen in the workplace:

“In the end, our ability to perform under pressure is critical. It really comes down
to all of us being able to work together and perform productively in the way that
we need to do to win.”
- Bill Belichick, Head Coach of the New England Patriots

Michelle Fitzgerald
Michelle Fitzgerald , ABC
Senior Associate
Michelle has focused on organizational change, strategy, team building, communications and facilitation throughout her 20 year career. She is certified to deliver Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge’s proprietary Leadership Essentials workshops, including Coaching for Results, Change Solutions, and Personal Resilience.