The 2019/2020 Accountable Manager™ program launched September 26, 2019. 

If you are interested in learning more about the program, download the program overview or contact Michelle Fitzgerald at

The Accountable Manager™ is a skill-based leadership program that equips Frontline Managers with the mindset, skillset, and deliberate practices needed to not only lead, but lead with greater accountability.

The program is organized around three building blocks to drive accountability at the personal, team, and organizational level.

The Program running from September 26, 2019 to April 30, 2020 includes:

  • Nine in-person ½ day sessions
  • Three 1-hour virtual Webex meetings
  • Leadership assessment
  • Complete resource workbook for participants and resource booklet for their manager, with proven ways to support their direct reports

This program is targeted toward two important groups:

  • Professionals who are new to management or leadership roles
  • Manager or director-level professionals who want to master the fundamental skills of effective leadership


Your Facilitator:  

  • Michelle Fitzgerald

    The Accountable Manager™ Facilitator and Associate with KBRS. Michelle has a passion for helping teams align around business strategy and ways of working to sustain high performance and coaching clients to achieve their full potential as leaders.

Recent Participate Feedback:

"The Accountable Manager course has offered me a new perspective on leadership. Through the balanced mix of self-reflection, practical modules, and exercises, I feel like I have a definite edge over my peers who haven’t yet experienced this program."

  • Manager at international transportation organization

“When I started the course one of the main areas I wanted to improve was my delegation skills. I have made tremendous headway in my efforts to give others an opportunity for success. I think among the group I was not alone in the benefits from this part of the course.”

  • Technical Architect at global export organization

“I use this program daily - both professionally and personally. I am applying the RACI model to help coordinate my team to work effectively, I have regular 1:1’s where my team can communicate their successes and struggles, we discuss how they can stretch and we can give constructive feedback in a safe environment. To sum it up I do think I am a better and more accountable manager. I would recommend this course to any manager.”

  • Accounting Manager at provincial security company

"The professional development you can gain from having conversations and debates outside of your current company and with managers who are outside of your own corporate culture is invaluable.  Hearing similar challenges and solutions from other managers will boost your confidence, help you know you are not alone in your daily challenges, and see that there are methods to solve problems quickly." 

  • Finance Manager at transportation company


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