Wendy Jones joins the KBRS Human Resource Consulting Team as Senior Consultant

Wendy Jones, a long-valued member of the KBRS Career Transition team, has joined the Human Resource Consulting team as a Senior Consultant.  As one of the most experienced professional credentialed coaches in Atlantic Canada, Wendy has built an impressive reputation with leaders and managers through her confidential, one-on-one coaching relationships. 

Could a Lack of Employee Engagement be Hurting Your Bottom Line?

There is almost always a palpable sense of fear when an organization decides to conduct an employee engagement survey for the first time. What if my employees are unhappy with the leadership of the organization? What if my employees feel under compensated or overworked? Employee engagement surveys, if developed appropriately, should assess a host of different areas across an organization, including leadership effectiveness, career development opportunities, work-life balance, and job design.

Ethical HR Leadership

Insight by Mark Surrette, President


Ethics in business is really no different than ethics in life – ethics are the fundamental building blocks to an organization. Ethical and value-based organizations recruit great people and keep great people to build longevity and have long-term success.