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President and CEO - The Nunatsiavut Group of Companies
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The Nunatsiavut Group of Companies is seeking a dynamic individual for the role of President and Chief Executive Officer.

The Organization
The Nunatsiavut Group of Companies (NGC) is an Inuit-led business leader in Labrador with a mandate to create wealth in trust for Nunatsiavut Beneficiaries by owning and operating profitable, sustainable businesses. NGC operates under the authority of the Labrador Inuit Capital Strategy Trust (LICST) and includes wholly owned companies, majority-owned companies, and minority partnerships. NGC is the successor to the Labrador Inuit Development Corporation (LIDC) as Nunatsiavut’s economic development corporation. Formed in 2011, NGC is a for-profit company, with operations in diverse areas, including marine, aviation, logistics, construction, mining, site and development services, and real estate.

The Role

With support from an engaged Board of Directors, the President and Chief Executive Officer (President and CEO) provides executive leadership and management of the company’s strategic plan and administration. Pairing strong leadership with visionary thinking, the President and CEO oversees the operations and sustainability of NGC to achieve its purpose of increasing wealth in trust for beneficiary stakeholders. They will forge strong relationships with government, industry and regulatory partners, employees, and communities. The President and CEO manages the NGC leadership team and is accountable for decisions regarding operational and financial management.

The President and CEO is responsible for providing both strategic and operational leadership, advice, and mentorship to NGC leaders, and for fostering a positive culture of creativity and innovation. They advise, coach, support, and provide clear direction to ensure compliance with company policies, procedures, and directives, in addition to ensuring collective agreements are respected. They are responsive to the needs of employees, partners, and beneficiaries and uphold the core values of NGC. They regularly report to the Board on progress and issues related to goals and objectives, policies, and budget.

Key areas of oversight and responsibility:
Strategic Leadership and Governance – Provides visionary leadership to the company, ensuring alignment with its vision, mission, core values, and strategic priorities.

Operational Management – Accountable for all operational aspects of NGC operations including finance, accounting, human resources, information technology, health & safety, and marketing.

Partnerships and Networking – Establishes healthy and productive relationships with constituents and acts as the public face representing NGC.

Business Development and Research – Proactively researches and identifies business opportunities and engages with potential partners to grow the company.

The Next President and CEO
As the ideal President and CEO, you are a highly relational and experienced leader with strong business and financial acumen. You have demonstrated success in working with Indigenous governments, economic development interests, and communities and this experience informs your leadership decisions, actions, and planning. Your authenticity, decisiveness, consultative style, wisdom, and integrity have allowed you to build meaningful partnerships and relationships across a variety of industries, government, and partners. You strategically prioritize organizational goals and provide creative flexibility, striving to innovate and seeing possibilities where others see problems. You have participated on Boards or committees, and you appreciate the value and impact that sound governance and a healthy Board partnership can deliver. You bring exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, managing chaos and projecting calm while responding to any challenges.

Qualifications and Experience
• A university degree or equivalent experience.
• 10+ years of progressive leadership experience, with experience working with engaged boards, and with skills in corporate business strategy, budgeting and finances, and Indigenous government relations.
• Demonstrated success maintaining positive relationships with a variety of constituents.
• Experience developing strategic partnership opportunities.
• Connection to Nunatsiavut and/or Labrador communities, is preferred.
• Experience having worked in construction, transportation, fishing, natural resources, or mining organizations is an asset.
• Nunatsiavut Group of Companies is an equal opportunity employer; however, preference will be given to qualified beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement.

Skills and Attributes
• A down-to-earth, optimistic leader with creativity, integrity, and curiosity.
• An exceptional relationship-builder, capable of garnering long-term trust with partners.
• Decisiveness combined with a facilitative style and the ability to effectively explain decisions.
• A spirit of continuous improvement – striving to innovate and seeing possibilities where others see problems.
• A high energy level and the capacity to balance multiple priorities.

NGC will provide support in its recruitment processes to applicants with disabilities, including accommodation that considers an applicant’s accessibility needs. If you require accommodation because of a disability or for any other reason during the interview process, please contact KBRS.
NGC is committed to employment equity and diversity and encourages applications from all qualified candidates, including women, people of any sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression; Indigenous peoples; visible minorities and racialized people; and people with disabilities.

If you are interested in this opportunity, contact Michelle Doyle at or Dr. Jennie Massey at or submit your full application by clicking the "Apply Now" button below.


AngajukKâk ammalu CEO, Nunatsiavut Group of Companies-kuni


Ukua Nunatsiavut Group of Companies Kinijajut suliaKattisamik ininganelluni AngajukKâk ammalu AngajukKauninik Aulatsijitssamik.


The Nunatsiavut Group of Companies (NGC) Inuit aulajanga kenaujaliugutik sivukkatattiudluni Labradorimi tugâgutiKadluni sakKititsigiamik kenaujanik ilingajunik Nunatsiavut Ikajuttaugutilinginnut namminigillugit aulallugillu kenaujaliuttaujut, sakKijânginnaniattuk kenaujaliugutik.   NGC aulatsiKattavuk atâni pitsatunilet Labradorimi kenaujanik Pannaigutingata kenaujakkuvinganik (UCST) ammalu ilautillugit ilonnâgut namminigijaujut kampanet, ununningit-namminigijaujut kampanet, ammalu ikittuit ikajuttiget.   NGC-kut ukuangulauttut sivungani Labradorimi Inuit Pivalliatitsijingit kuaparesit (LIDC) Nunatsiavut kenaujaliunnimut pivalliatitsijingita kuaparesanga.   Pigiasittaulauttuk 2011-mi, NGC kenaujaliuttiujuk kampaniudluni, aulatsiKattadlutik unuttunik suliatsanik, ilautillugit imappet, tingijot, atuttauluagialet, sanannik, ujagannianik, nunami ammalu pivalliajut ikajuttaugutet, ammalu illunik aullaiKattanik.


Ikajutsiaudlutik ikajuttigenut AngajukKauKatigenut, AngajukKâk ammalu CEO pitaKattisivuk angajukKaunet sivukkatattinginnik ammalu aulatsidluni kampanet pannaigutinginnik ammalu aulatsivillagimmi.IlauKataudlutik pitsatujummaginnut sivukkatattinut tautukKoKatigedlutik isumamigut, AngajukKâk amma CEO kamaKattavuk aulatsidluni ammalu sakKijânginnaniattunik NGC-kuni pitsiagiamut pitjutigijangit unutsitivalliagiangit   kenaujait   ilingajut ikajutauguilinnut kenaujaligijiujunut.   SakKititsiniattut pitsatujumik ilauKatigennimut kavamamut, suliaKapvini ammalu ilauKataunginnatunut, suliaKattinut, amma nunalinnut.   AngajukKâk ammalu CEO aulatsiKattavuk NGC-kut sivukkatattinginnik sivulittinik ammalu tatigijausonik Kanuk pijutsaumangâta aulatsinet ammalu kenaujait aulatauningit.

AngajukKâk ammlu CEO kamagiaKavuk pitaKattisiluni tamâginnik pannaigutimik ammalu aulatsigiamut sivukkatannimik, uKautjigiagiamik, ammalu ilinniatitsiluni NGC sivukkatattinginnik, ammalu kamagillugu pitsialutik ilikKusittigut sakKititsigiamut ammalu sanajausimajunik.   UKautjigiaKattavut, ilinniatitsidlutik, ikajutsik, ammalu tukisinatsiatumik malittaugialimmik malitsiagiamik kampaniujop maligatsanginnik, piusiugialinik, ammalu aulatsilutik, ilallugit tigulatsiagiamut angiKatigegutinik sulijugillugillu.kiuKattagiaKavut suliaKattet pigumajanginnik, ikajuttiget, ammalu ikajuttaugutilet ammalu tigumiallugit katutjiKatigep illigijangit NGC-kuni.   Akulaittumik KaujimattisiKattavut AngajukKauKatigenik pivallianimminik ammalu sunait ilingajut tugâgutinginnut, maligatsanut, kenaujanullu.

SuliagijauluaKattatut aulataugialet kamagijaugialellu:

Pannaigutet Sivukkatatingit kavamaligijellu – PitaKattisilutik takunnataujunik sivukkatagiamut kampaniujumi, kamagitsialugit adjigetsiagaluammangâta Kanuttogijaujunut, suliatsaminut, katutjiKatigennimi kenaujait, ammalu pannaigutimi sivullipautijaugialet.

Aulataugialet Aulatsinikkut – Tatigijaullutik ilonnainik aulataugialini ilingajut NGC-kunut aulatsiuset ilautillugit kenaujait, kititsinet, suliaKattet kamagijaugialet, Kaujimattisiutet suliaKautet, inositsiagittogasuannik pilukattailinillu, ammalu aullaiKatanik pisiniallutillu.

Ikajuttigennik SuliaKaKatigennilu – SakKititsilutik inositsiagittogiamik pitsiaKatigennimillu ilauKatigennikut angnigijausimajunut ammalu kiggatuttiuluni inunnut takunnataugusimitut kiggatullugit NGC.

kenaujaliugiamut Pivallianik ammalu Kaujisannik – KaujisaKattagumalluni ulinnaisilunilu kenaujaliugiamut pivitsaujunik ammalu ilauKatauKattaluni ikajuttiujunut piguttigasuallugu kampaniujuk.

kingulliuniatuk AngajukKâk ammalu CEO

AngajukKângulutik CEO-ngullutilu, puttujummagimmeKatauvutit ilisimatsiadlutit sivukkatattiugiamik pitsatujummagimmik kenaujaliuviKallutik ammalu kenaujanik aulatsigiamut.   Takutitsisimavutit pitsiasimaninnik suliaKaKatiKagiamut nunaKakKâsimajuit kavamanginnik, kenaujaliugiamut pivalliagutet Kanutogijanginnik, ammalu nunalinni ammalu tamanna ilisimauset Kaujimatitsivuk sivukkatattiugiamik Kanuk pigiamik, aulatsinik, ammalu pannaigiamik.   Tamanna piusigijait, kamatsianellu, Kaujimatisigiamut piuset, pilluangunet, ammalu ilonnâgut pivitsaKattisisimalikKuk pivalliagiamik ikajuttigennimik ammalu inoKatigennimik ilonnaini suliaKapviujuni, kavamani, ammalu ikajuttiujuni.   PannaiKattavutit sivullipautitsigiamik katutjiKatigennimi tugâgutinik ammalu sakKititsigiamik tunganannimik, piggagasuagiamik takugiamillu pivitsaujunik asinut takunnataujunik uKumailutauningit.   IlauKatausimalikKut AngajukKauKatigeni ubvalu katimajiujuni, ammalu nakutsasiadlutit illinattunik ammalu attutaugutinik kavamaujuni ammalu pitsiajuit AngajukKauKaiget ikajutiget aulasonginnik.   SakKititsivutit piujummagimmik iluani sulialet ammalu KaujimaKatigegiamik ilisimajannik, aulasogidlugit uKumaittut ammalu pitsiadlugit kamagisogidlugit sunatuinnait uKumaittuit.

lisimagialingit Kaujimagialingillu

  • Ilinniavitsuami ilitagijaugutiKalluni adjigalanganik Kaujimagialingita.
  • Senanik ununnisanillu jârinik pivallisimanimmut sivukkatattet ilisimaningit, ilisimallutik suliaKagiamik atajunik sâtujânik, ammalu ilisimalluni kuaparesaup kenaujaliugiamut pannaigutinginnik, kenaujatsasiugiamut ammalu kenaujanik atuttaujunik, nunaKakKâsimajut kavamanut ilingajunik.
  • Takutitsigunnaluni pitsiasimanimmut ilauKatigigetsiagiamut unuttuni kiggatujamini.
  • Ilisimalluni pivalliagiamut pannaigutinik ikajuttigennimi pivitsaujuni.
  • IlauKataulluni Nunatsiavummut ammalu/ubvalu Labradorimi nunalinnut, pigumajauluajuk,
  • Ilisimalluni suliaKasimanimminut sanajiujuni, ingiggautinik, ogannianimik, ammalu nunami pivianattunik, ubvalu ujaganniatet katutjiKatigenginni atuvalligajattuk.
  • Nunatsiavut Group of Companies adjigettumik pivitsaKattisidluni suliaKattisijiujuk; taimaigaluatillugu, suliatsatâtitaulâttuk ilisimatsiajuk ikajuttaugutilik Labradorimi Inuit Nunamik Satusaijet AngiKatigegutinganut.

Ilisimajaugialet Ottugattaunellu

  • Ikiasungituk, Kanuttosiajuk sivukkatattik sanagumatujolluni, ilonnâgut Kaujigumatujollunilu.
  • Piujummagimmik sanajiulluni, pigunnaluni tigulagiamik akuninut ilingajunik kenaujakkuvimmut kenaujanik ilauKatingit akilittuigunnaipata.
  • Sittutitsisongulluni katillugit katingaKatiKasongulluni piusitigut ammalu pigunnaluni tagvainak tukisititsisongulluni Kanuk piusiugasuajunik.
  • Kittaingalluni kajusimagiamik piusiumititsigiamut – Kaujimattisisongulluni ammalu takugunnaluni pivitsaugajattunik asingit uKumaitsalippata.
  • Angijummagimmik Kittaingalluni ammalu pigunnaluni adjigettisigiamut unuttunik sivullipautijaugialinnik.


NGC pivitsaKaniattuk ikajutsigiamik Kinijalippata piusiugialinnik ottugajunut inositsiagittongitunut, ilautillugit tujummiuvingit isumagijaujunik ottugajuit atugajattanginnik pigigialinginnik.   TujummiuvittâgiaKaguvit pititsitillugu inositsiangittogutet ubvalu asinginnik pitjutaujunik taitsumani apitsutautillutit piusiujuni, Kaujitilauguk KBRS.

NGC kamaKattajuk suliaKapvimi adjigettitaugialinik ammalu angijumik KanuttoKujijuk ottugajunik pisimajunik ilisimatsiajunit ottugajunit, ilauKatautillugit annait, inuit Kanuk sunauningit adjigengikaluappata , annaumangâta angutiummangâta, ubvalu sunauningit uKautauppata; nunaKakKaasimajut inuit; takutsait kititangit ammalu naggutujuit inuit; ammalu inuit imminik pigunnasiangitut.

Tamatsuminga KanuttogutiKaguvit pivitsaujumik, apitsulauguk Michelle Doyle uvani ubvalu Dr. Jennie Massey at