Team Effectiveness – Organizational Capability

All teams inevitably face challenges - conflicts arise, toes get stepped on, and decision making stalls. Imagine if you could ingrain healthy behaviours and practices in your teams, so that when the unavoidable tensions arise, teams are better able to recognize and deal with them.

Whether an important team in your organization has a new leader, you are integrating new members into an established team, or teams are being formed as a result of organizational changes, you need to ensure that high performance is achieved fast and the stress and lost productivity associated with common team dysfunctions is reduced.

The Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette Team Inoculation Program is a 4 module approach that will assist teams in:

  • Aligning team activities and outcomes to business strategy,
  • Creating insights about individual styles that improve team dynamics,
  • Developing better ways of making decisions and managing conflicts, and
  • Applying and sustaining healthy team practices during business-as-usual.
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